Working our way through this pandemic together

Staying safe & healthy is critical for the success of your business. Fueled Collective takes this seriously and has established procedures & routines to keep the work areas sanitized, giving you the confidence that our office is as clean & safe as your home office.

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers

During this completely unprecedented time, we have a ton of questions about safety and protocol for the places we love going to. Fueled Collective spit together safety documentation for members who have questions but also guests looking to host a meeting or event, see below for frequently asked questions and what we’re doing to keep you safe.

Cleaning Frequency

General access spaces are cleaned frequently throughout the day, tables are cleaned after use. Overnight deep cleaning company operates 7 days per week.



Dedicated touchpoints are cleaned as part of the daytime routine from Fueled staff during the day.


Self Cleaning

We have a full compliment of cleaning supplies, equipment and sanitizing products on hand at Fueled for all office suite holders and members to use at any time


Face Mask/Guidelines

Fueled Collective follows all state guidelines for the use of masks within public spaces. These requirements may change daily, please contact Fueled Collective or contact the Ohio health department for the latest information.


Capacity Limits

Fueled Collective follows state guidelines for gathering capacities. We have many different spaces that can be partitioned off for social distancing purposes and to reduce interaction between outside members and guests. For more information on gathering limitations, contact Fueled Collective or refer to Ohio health department.


Building Access

Building doors have automatic handicap access and Fueled doors are key card access with doors that swing both ways allowing for no hand usage if preferred. All entry points are cleaned additionally throughout the work day.


Visitor Management

 Fueled is a private club and workspace. All visitors are checked-in prior to entry.


Temperature Screening

No mandatory temperature screening at this time however touchless thermometers are available.


Emergency Response

Case by case response. If confirmed case is on site, floor will be closed for the day. Electrostatic cleaning and deep sanitation will take place with outside cleaning company that night. 



 Communication with updates and signage throughout the space.


Communication Plan

Email communication to all members reporting confirmed case and dates of visits. Cleaning details updated in communication at that time.


Social Distancing

With over 25,000 sq ft of space, members have plenty of room to find space and work away from others.