Wine Market

A Curated Monthly Wine Club From Off The Vine

Take the guesswork out of finding great wines, let us do it for you. By joining the Off The Vine Wine Market, you will get amazing benefits to further help you enjoy your time drinking wine.

1. Wine Of The Month

Each month you will get a Fueled Collective selected wine not found in Cincinnati. These wines are chosen for their specific flavor profile, drinkability and seasonal consideration

2. Merchandise Discounts

Can't get enough of a certain wine you've had while part of the club? We've got you covered. Members of the Wine Market get exclusive discounts, anywhere from 5-15% off of their bulk orders

3. Off The Vine Events

We know you love wine, and we know you love wine tasting, when you become a member of Wine Market you get free admission to our Off The Vine events at Fueled Collective.

Count Me In.



For either $20/month or $240/annually you can get all of these benefits. Fill out the form below and start receiving all of these great benefits for your curated wine experience.