June 17, 2022

Private office suites at Fueled Collective

Ready to have more control over your workspace appearance and function? Make the space uniquely yours with our private office suite option.

Post-covid, cubicle walls are melting away and migrating to creative and collaborative workspaces. With many pros to co-working space, private offices still come out on top depending on the circumstances. Enjoy privacy within your private office suite and the flexibility to make the space uniquely yours. Keep your computer and files secure, and complete your professional or personal matters in the private enclosed space. Get used to few distractions and maximum productivity. Did we mention unlimited coffee?

One size doesn’t always fit all—find the best fit and make it your own. Beginning at 62 and ranging to 310 square feet, our private offices come equipped with everything you need to create an environment for collective innovation and productivity. Our offices innovate. We provide you with all the amenities you need to be operable. You’ll enjoy complimentary and unlimited printing, scanning, copying, and shredding privileges. Want access to member events and conference room time? No worries, you get all the bells and whistles with your all-inclusive membership. Whether you’re a solo-preneur, growing a start-up, or leading your seasoned company—we’re here to flex to your ongoing growth needs as your business evolves. Grow with us at Fueled Collective.

Fueled Collective in the heart of it all

Fueled Collective Rookwood is Cincinnati's premiere space for events, meetings, private offices, and coworking space for individuals and businesses. We're flexible for what we understand to be a changing event and work landscape and will work with our clients to create unforgettable outcomes.

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