June 1, 2022

Starting Your Own Business?

Have you ever dreamt of starting your own business? If so, let's explore what it takes to begin the exciting and unpredictable adventure of entrepreneurship. Fueled Collective welcomes your hard work, great ideas, and fiery passion. We will serve as a place for collaborating, networking, and creative thinking for your future goals.

Here at Fueled Collective, we are home to independent professionals, solo-preneurs, startups, and more—working together collaboratively in a communal setting rather than your traditional office environment.

"The biggest risk is not taking any risk," quotes Mark Zuckerberg. Co-working allows you to network and connect with other business owners. Looking for a web designer to help take your startup online or a bookkeeper to reconcile business expenses? That person may be working just a few desks away.

When asked about becoming an entrepreneur, Steve Wachs, a long-time member of Fueled Collective, shares his own experiences. "Persistence is key. You get kicked in the teeth a lot—getting told no repeatedly. Take rejection and never take no as an answer. As long as you continue to bounce back, persistence will pay off in the long run."

Not only is mingling with other members motivating and magnetic, but it can also be a much more effective way to gain business exposure than traditional marketing hassles.

"I love the atmosphere here; it feels so classy, and yet there's that hum of ... once you're finished, you can go to the bar, get a glass of wine and celebrate. It has just been a big enhancement for both my work and social life", elaborates Chelsea Cook, owner/ founder of The C Perspective, on the importance of balance as an entrepreneur and being able to celebrate your accomplishments.

Find your fuel and make it your own at Fueled Collective. We're proud of the community we've built and continue to build. Whether you're generating ideas or have already begun blazing the trail of entrepreneurship—we'll grow wherever you go. From brainstorm sessions, design thinking workshops, board meetings, or quarterly EOS offsites—we have you comfortably covered as your business evolves.

Fueled Collective in the heart of it all

Fueled Collective Rookwood is Cincinnati's premiere space for events, meetings, private offices, and coworking space for individuals and businesses. We're flexible for what we understand to be a changing event and work landscape and will work with our clients to create unforgettable outcomes.

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