May 31, 2022

Tips From The Pros

Here at Fueled Collective, we give our members and non-members the perfect opportunity to host an event. Split between two floors and multiple spaces that can be combined or sectioned off, we have pulled off a whole range of possibilities. Fashion shows, fundraisers, concerts from grammy-winning artists, book signings, launch parties, and the list goes on. If you're looking for an unforgettable event venue, Fueled Collective is the place to be.

Theo, our event coordinator, gives tips, tricks, and how to plan the perfect event. "If it's your first time hosting or your hundredth, you must come into your gathering with a good attitude. Stress out, do what you need to do beforehand—but even if it is a minute before doors open, you've gotta let it go and have fun."

When asked what his favorite event he has planned, Theo responded, "I really enjoyed the first Tastemakers Class we ever did—we called it 'Baby's First Bar.' We invited young professionals in and taught them how to host and make a proper Manhattan Old Fashioned because one should always have that trick up their sleeve."

Preparing for 5-10 more guests than expected is always essential, and over-communicating is always key. Sitting down with clients before the event is one of Theo's favorite steps in preparation. With over 25,000 square feet of event space, Fueled offers a variety of rooms to fit all of your hosting needs. "Being able to read the room before you use the room is important", adds Theo.

Enjoy extensive catering and bar options to help keep your group properly fueled and a team of eager individuals to help you plan. We simplify the preparation process so you can create countless memories.

Fueled Collective in the heart of it all

Fueled Collective Rookwood is Cincinnati's premiere space for events, meetings, private offices, and coworking space for individuals and businesses. We're flexible for what we understand to be a changing event and work landscape and will work with our clients to create unforgettable outcomes.

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